My practice focuses on the organic, specifically cellular forms that compose the human body.  I am fascinated by the infrastructure of cells and their function.  The protective function of skin has been the driving force in my most recent body of work.  


I create cellular relationships in my paintings.  Using gestural and illustrative painting techniques to build parts into a whole, I try to create depth and an illusionistic space in my pieces. Building layers of paint is an important component in my work. The dermis of the human body is composed of many complex layers, which I mimic with a variety of paint layers.  Opacity and translucency of the paint allow layers to be blocked out or exposed.  I intend for this to be a revealing factor for viewers, to understand the significance of the physical element of paint and its qualities in relation to the surface. 


My discoveries on this topic and my passion to continuously experiment with new applications of paint have allowed me to develop a new relationship between the visual forms and the medium.  My images have become one with the medium.  The textures I create with paint and other mediums act as a protective coating for the canvas, which juxtaposes the relationship of skin protecting the body.